3. Disease progression causes

The cause of promotion, i.e. progression of a disease is the concentration of toxic products in the body. Bacteria and allergens, as well as metabolic-waste products can be the toxins. And intervention into the self-regulatory systems (i.e. suppression) is the very cause of this concentration. And, unfortunately, all the practice of allopathic medicine (official) is based upon the severe suppression of any manifestations of a disease. All this suggests that we in allopathic medicine greatly cures skin diseases, perfectly manage with leucorrhea and diarrhea, superbly subdue a fever, our surgeons perfectly excise everything “needless”. It results in the fact of finding oneself on the fifth stage. And for now the goal of our medicine is to “live out” us at this stage as long as possible. And as the life without medicines at this stage is impossible- so, Glory to the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The most uncheerful  thing is that nowadays the stage does not depend on the age of a patient, but on the following factors:

  • At which stage of the behavior a person was born (today, when the pregnant ladies s are actively treated for “keeping the baby”, the babies can be born at any stage, even at the fifth).
  • How aggressive the intervention to the self-regulatory systems is. In addition, the more this intervention is “qualified”, the worse. There is a belief that a doctor’s child is always the most diseased.