4. Concept of self-regulatory systems

Now a few words about what self-regulatory systems are. At the moment of childbirth it is not supposed by nature that right after this moment the human being will be surrounded by “the generous ladies” with shots, drops, balms. A child is born as a result of evolution and by this moment it has everything to stand up to the factors, which his mother or grandmother have resisted.  The modern civilization has not invented even a slight fit to a human brain, but only the brain can manage the body, deciding which protectors are essential at the moment. And its main goal is to assure the activity of life support organs, that is why the body always seeks the way to direct a disease inside-out. The most riskful way is to try to interfere with the process, when a body is healthy (by diets, daily regime, cold water treatment and other options) all the more when it fights against a disease (by drops, balms, antipyretic drugs, etc.