6. Acute and chronic diseases in homeopathy

Evident body response to a pathogenic factor is the symptoms of a disease, which are different for a concrete person, i.e. individual.  A disease progressing for the whole man’s life and manifestations of which are defined by a constitutional type is called chronic. Acerbation of a chronic disease is called paroxysmal conditions.
There is only one classification of diseases in homeopathy. All diseases can be divided into acute and chronic.

The reason which caused the course of a disease is called aetiology. Different factors can be aetiological in homeopathy. This can be psychoactivity (fear, depressed emotions, wound pride, sorrow, one-way love, quenched desires, etc). This also can be an influence of environmental factors (heat and cold, wind and slush, snowfall and the sun). Yet this can be overeating, sleep loss, suppressive allopathic therapy, intoxicating and infection.