20. Diet

The homeopathic treatment does not require keeping to a diet (the only forbidden products are tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages, vinegar). Just the other way round, any organism is perfectly aware of what is good for it and what is harmful. Even an infant in arms can show that its mother's milk is harmful to it. It can either refuse to eat the milk, or get constipation. That's why the only rule is - never eat, moreover never force your child to eat, what it does not like. If you have excess weight problems - you may have metabolism problems, it means, that you are on the fifth stage and your treatment must follow all the rules which have been described before. I mean the obesity or the emaciation as a disease, not the desire to live in the latest fashion. Homeopathic treatment is only for diseases, but can't change constitutional symptoms of a man. The forcible elimination of products, which are necessary to your organism, usually has unpleasant consequences such as metabolic derangements.

Besides, the forcible elimination of products entails the death of selective medium in our bowels, which is necessary for about five hundred bacteria. They are replaced by the other bacteria for which our diet is good. The imbalance of bacteria in bowels grows and progresses - we try to cure it with the help of various diets, take "good" bacteria - and in this way things are getting only worse.

The homeopathic treatment of food allergy looks like this:

  • We eliminate all the products which seem to us unappetizing.
  • If you are on the second or third stage of the illness you'd better eliminate all the products which entail the reaction, you are to do it till the first skin itch reaction appears. After the reaction we start step by step to eat our favorite products. The end of the treatment is when you can eat whatever you want.

Naturally we mean only good-quality products. Poison, even in beautiful packages, must be removed from an organism and allergy is the good thing which protects your organism.

I'd like to tell a few words about the homeopathic treatment of alcohol addiction. I have already mentioned that there is no homeopathic treatment according to a diagnosis. There are no medicines for an alcohol addiction or for some other disease. The success of homeopathy depends on understanding and absolute declaration of the fact that all the changes in our organism are not "why", but "what for".

Let me detail it.

Each organism for its normal functioning constantly requires various products. If an organism is healthy, it requires, as a rule, balanced food. Such patients usually say that they "eat everything".

But if some mechanism is "broken" the result is different aversions or predilections. Each organism tries to solve the problem in its own way.

There are three variants:

  • to decline the product what it can not assimilate.
  • to find substitutes among products it can assimilate
  • to start accepting the product in great quantities in order to get all it needs

That's why in homeopathy patients' predilections for chocolate, salt or alcohol are symptoms which help doctors to find a constitutional medicine. Definite biochemical reactions in a healthy organism result in the production of inner alcohol from absolutely different products. A man can not live without this inner alcohol, it is the "inner energy" of a person. When the mechanism of production of this endogenous spirit is broken, one has to use "substitution therapy" - just like in the official medicine, when some important nutrients are missing. Both ways of solving the problem are dangerous.

When a patient does not understand what is going on, he starts to use alcohol from without and in this way the inner alcohol is not produced any longer at all. The organism does not require either fats or carbohydrates because it has stopped to produce inner alcohol.

The second variant is the prohibition for alcohol by suppressive methods. From the homeopathic point of view the prohibition is possible, but it is sure to result in the worsening of metabolism and the progress of the illness. Then, like in any other suppressive method: strong constitution - prohibition - starting again, weak constitution - absence of alcohol - other diseases.

Homeopathic treatment offers you a constitutional remedy, which helps your organism to get out from the fifth stage. When the organism starts to reconstruct its biochemical reactions - the clinical sign of this process is the absence of alcohol addiction. When we deal with some other disease, we say that an organism must eat whatever it wants. That's why when we treat an alcohol addiction we don't prohibit to drink alcohol, but lessen it when the production of inner alcohol normalizes.