21. Vaccination

Homeopathy claims that a healthy organism can resist any infection. The traditional medicine tries to prevent all the possibilities of getting ill, but the problem is that more and more infections appear and you can't oversee everything. Microbes have been living for millions of years and will live even longer. More over, any vaccine itself is a very strong allergen, because it is an alien toxic substance. Naturally, an organism reacts just like in any other case - if it can fight it - it does, but if it can not - it gets a more dangerous form of the disease. The problem is that more and more vaccines appear and the therapy becomes more complicated – it is the main disease-causing factor for our children.

We are aware of all the victories of vaccination. But the question is where from there appear new more dangerous diseases - AIDS, atypical pneumonia, new strains of pathogenic organisms which can not be cured. The nature does not have spare places and every ecological species is immediately replaced by not always good species. If you do take vaccinations, you must know how and when you can do it. First of all only an absolutely healthy organism can take vaccinations, in this case it can get rid of the toxins through the skin or through the mucous membrane (of course if you do not cure the snivels, cough or diarrhea). If a person is already on the second stage, taking in toxins may result in inflammation. There is no need to describe the other stages. That is why the vaccination of infants in arms is not admissible. If its pregnant mother was cured, it may be born even on the fifth stage of a disease and taking in toxic admixtures is sure to result in worsening of its condition.

So if you have decided to vaccinate your child you can do it only when it is absolutely healthy. Neither before, nor after the vaccination you should not stop the reaction of an organism (it may appear immediately or in a month, it depends on the constitution).

One more aspect: the vaccination considers the attention on the 7-10 infections: tuberculosis, whooping-cough, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, hepatitis, influenza. But there are thousands of other infections around us. If the result of vaccination is the fifth stage, it means that the protection from, for example, diphtheria consequences in a very difficult circuit of all the other infections and you can die even from acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI).