19. The use of conventional medicines and the homeopathic treatment.

All depends on what stage of the disease you are at. To suppress the patients’ symptoms being at the first 3 stages of a disease is to protract the treatment, and moreover is to be inconsistent with the principles of homeopathy. That is why any “skin ointments”, instilling eye and nose drops, mouthwash, inhalation; white, diarrhea, vomit treatment; a fever subdue, taking of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are absolutely incompatible with the homeopathic treatment.

We have a rule: external injuries are treated with the help of medicines for the external use. If you have got a scratch – you can use an ointment (Calendula extract is the most suitable). If the external manifestations are essential for your organism to treat the internal diseases, then any of your action is the suppression.

If during the treatment you have the state, when your organism cannot cope with by itself – you should take your constitutional remedy, or if it is necessary, even to take an allopathic medicine.

You should realize that nothing “deathful” is going to happen if you break the principles of homeopathy. The only thing you should know is that it is better to do it when it is absolutely needful for your organism. Other than that will only prolong your treatment.

For the patients of the 4-th and the 5-th stages of a disease you will gradually decrease the quantity of medicines taken as the organism goes back to the milder stages.