24. Cold water treatment and sports

I repeat again and again that there are no methods good for everyone. What is good or harmful for a concrete person is up to its constitutional type and any attempt to suppress an organism can not be good. It concerns all the aspects of life: what to eat, how fast to walk, what clothes to put on, how long to sleep - it is up to our organism from its very birth. That is why you can not follow any method, even a very fashionable one, without thinking about it. Listen to yourself.

I can give several examples. Some time ago such method as "to run away from heart attack" was very popular. A lot of people were jogging, but only two constitutional types felt better - arsenikum album and sepia, all the other felt worse. We can say the same about winter bathers. Such method helped only two constitutional types. It concerns everything.

According to the homeopathy nobody can advise you what to eat, how to sleep, how to rest - to stay on a sofa or go camping. Just the other way round, a homeopath will ask you about it to choose a constitutional remedy for you.