25. Conclusion

Several years ago I read the phrase of the most famous modern homeopath, the Nobel prize laureate, George Vitulkus. It surprised me greatly and made me think over many things. His book says: the "success" of our modern official medicine is evident when we try to imagine for a moment what will happen if all the medicines disappear for some time. Crowds of people screaming from ache, suffering from convulsions, dying from bleeding and asphyxia live on the planet.

I do not want such health for you and your children. I would like to teach you to live without medicines. It is very popular in the modern official medicine to declare that a doctor must not treat chronic ailments, but to make the way of life of an ill person more "qualitative", it concerns bronchial asthma, essential hypertension, pancreatic diabetes. Such patients are taught to live with their disease; even special schools are organized, where they are taught to be ill in the right way.

We really want you and your children never attend such schools. But you are to trust your organism from the birth.

And to conclude I would like to say that homeopathy is not a "passage" from one medicines to some other - "natural", "unharmful" (as it is announced in the advertisement or by little-knowing people). The mission of a homeopath is to help your organism to react adequately to different external actions. In this case even homeopathic medicines are rarely required.