23. Vitamins, herbs, minerals, purification

Our organism takes all necessary nutrients from food products - it is the law of nature. If you need a vitamin or a mineral your organism will force you to eat it. If you do not accept any product or you just do not want it - it means that it is a poison for you and taking it in, even in the form of "beautiful vitamins", is forbidden. In the best case it will be removed through the skin or mucous membrane. In the worst case it will derange the metabolism.

Our advise is to follow your wishes and if your child asks for a vitamin, it probably wants something sweat - just give it a candy.

There is one more question - the question about the purification of an organism. County doctors thought that if an organism is ill, one could help it by removing something from it. There were different methods such as "to bleed bad blood" or to give an enema for very serious diseases, or to cause skin suppuration with the help of special plasters. Now days there also exist different ways of such cleansing - from starving to irrigation of all the apertures and cavities of a body.

From the homeopathic point of view such methods are the rude violation of self-regulatory systems. When a human is alive, its organism constantly tries to help itself and our main mission is to understand it and not interfere. We must not force to any fashionable system of purification, because it will make the work of self-regulatory systems more complicated. Learn to understand yourself and your organism will give you a prompt what is good and what is harmful for it.
I can tell only the following about the herbal treatment - herbs are very strong medicines with special therapeutic indications and by-effects. The popularity of herbal self-treatment results in the following: people take herbs for many years without any control and get so many diseases, that no one can even guess that the problem is "a harmless herb" such as chamomile, mint or St. John's wort. I have already told how absolutely healthy volunteers were on probations, when pathogeneses of homeopathic remedies were composed. So the thoughtless ingestion of herbal infusions will make you a constant tester of toxic doses of little-known ingredients. I always say that a non-controlled ingestion of pills is less dangerous than an ingestion of herbs (because in the case of pills you stick to definite dozes and periods).