1. Foreword

Skeptics say that homeopathy helps only to the people who believe in it. Homeopathy is not a religion, you do not have to believe in it, but to realize that such a homeopathic treatment is necessary. This lecture is addressed to patients, that is why I will try to reveal those aspects of the therapy which are necessary for the beneficial effect. I am not obtruding my opinion upon anybody, though my long medical practice in allopathy and homeopathy, I presume, gives me the right to draw my own conclusions and remarks.

Seeking help from a homeopath every patient should realize that homeopathy takes a different  approach in the prescription of preparations.  In homeopathy one cannot doctor oneself, as most of us used to, according to the principle “ it has helped my neighbor” or “the pharmacist has  advised”. Homeopathy does not treat symptoms of a disease or microbes, but acts on much deeper level, the level of self-regulatory systems of a body, and only a high qualified homeopath has the right to prescript a preparation to a patient.

Popularization of homeopathy has led to a dangerous mistake:“If it does not help, then at least will not do any harm”. In prentice hands homeopathy can be very dangerous. And sometimes it is difficult to remedy the consequences of such prescriptions even to a professional homeopath.