12. Homeopathic remedies

Now I am going to tell how the homeopathic remedies are made. S. Hahnemann developed and detailed the method of preparation of remedies. Each conscientious homeopath uses only those remedies which were prepared by conscientious pharmacist in homeopathic pharmacies. Our remedies are micro doses of those substances symptoms of toxic action of which in large (toxic) doses are described by the classics of homeopathy in our guides. These particular substances have a full description of the symptoms they produce (they are called pathogeneses of materia medica).

Alongside with the study and writing of pathogeneses of materia medica, a full list of rules for preparation of homeopathic remedies have been developed and detailed. The main goal while preparing a homeopathic remedy is to increase the action force of a remedy on an organism by maximally decreasing the volume of the active substance.

S. Hahnemann developed and detailed this method, the point of which resolves itself to the diluting of a parent substance and shaking of the solution made in a certain manner.

Depending on what proportion a parent substance (a remedy to be made of) and a diluent has, a notion of scale was introduced. If a proportion of a parent substance and a diluent for the preparation of a remedy is 1:10, so it is a decimal scale and it is marked by the letter D, standing after the name of a remedy.

If a substance is diluted to 1:100, so this scale is called a centesimal scale and it is marked by the letter C, standing after the name of a remedy. If a substance is diluted to 1:1000, so this scale is called a millesimal scale and it is marked by the letter M, standing after the name of a remedy. If a substance is diluted to 1:50 000, so this scale is called a quintamillesimal scale and it is marked by the letters LM, maximally decreasing the volume of the active substance.
Then the given solution is being further diluted, according to the chosen scale, in other words, to a certain proportion of active substance and a diluent. This process is called "potentisation". The force of a remedy will multiply and this force or its potency is marked by a figure standing after the name of a remedy. The most common potencies are 3, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1000, 10 000.

Afterwards, this solution is to be saturated into grains of lactose.
The remedy gains a trade form – granules. Insoluble solids are diluted by grinding them (trituration).

Our remedies are prepared by the method of vigorous diluting and shaking, and the most amazing thing is that more dilute substances are stronger and deeper-acting remedies. For example, one of the “lowest” dilutions is called “hex- centesimal” and prepared in the following way: we take 6 test-tubes and we add 99 drops of water to each of them, then, to the first one we add 1 drop of the substance to make a remedy of. This will be a dilution by a factor of 100 at the first stage. Then from this test-tube we take one drop and add it to the second test-tube. This will be a dilution by a factor of 100 at the second stage, and so on. It is easy to guess what the fifth test-tube will contain, but these are our “softest” remedies which are used only for the “paroxysms” of a disease (an acerbation, as it is called in allopathy).

To penetrate into deep levels of a body and to trigger its natural system of healing, we use the following dilutions: 30C, 200C, 1000C, 10 000C, etc. It is simply evident that a very small amount of the original material is left in these remedies after the higher dilutions. But the remedies prepared this way in the hands of a professional homeopath bring the results in which it is sometimes hard to believe in.

Critics of homeopathy state that ultradilute remedies have no molecules from the original solution left. Basing on this fact, the critics of homeopathy try to compare the effect from homeopathy with the effect after a psychotherapeutic treatment with the help of placebo. Other skeptics, visa versa, state “Intoxicated! Poisons! Killed by too much doctoring! ”. Still others have the main point that “it cannot be, because it cannot be ever”. From the Middle Ages everything that was beyond a conventional pattern for a certain part of “fighters with the evil” causes one and the same reactions. For a homeopath the only thing matters - our remedies have a certain supply of energy with certain frequency characteristics. If our remedy resembles the patient’s state in its clinical aspects, so its energetic characteristics will match the energetic characteristics of a patient. Such a match results in a vibration or energetic trigger, as we call it in homeopathy, and, thus, activates the self-regulatory systems. Only a short time ago the science was in the dark about quantum features of light, radiation and many others. Now more and more publications occur, describing remarkable features of water, which is able to acquire and store even the audio and written information and respond to it by a structural change of its crystals. I think, it won’t do for a practicing doctor to dispute on these questions. The science moves ahead and it will find a key to the mystery of homeopathic remedies.

Now I am going to explain how the homeopathic remedies work. According to traditional medicine (here and farther we consider a traditional medicine to be a folk medicine) the energy disturbance is the cause of any illness. In Chinese medicine, for example, the cause of any illness is the balance disorder between two kinds of energy:  positive and negative (yang and yin). If the body is healthy, then these two energies are at balance, if the balance is disturbed then it results in diseases, which are called precisely “yang-overbalance diseases, yang-underbalance diseases, yin-overbalance diseases, yin-underbalance diseases”. A qualified acupuncturist should, as well as in homeopathy, determine by the symptoms, where the disturbance of the energy has emerged, and to put a single needle on- the conductor through which the energy will be balanced and thus the organism will be cured. I have already told you about the preparation of homeopathic remedies. If the remedy is matched correctly the energy of a remedy should be a kind of resonant with the energy of an unhealthy organism, which gets the so-called energetic trigger for the reactivation of its self-regulatory systems. As long as the organism is in this process, it is forbidden to give any remedy even the one you consider effective, because it can subside the resonant wave and there will be no health gain anymore. That is why a homeopath will question in details and not always prescribe any of the remedies.