14. Expectations after taking a remedy

If your remedy is chosen correctly, your organism will start to recover after the energetic push. It will look like acute conditions of all the diseases you have suppressed. You must not be afraid of these acute conditions, because you did not cure the disease, but suppressed its outer appearances and in such a way moved the organism to a heavier stage of the disease. Now your organism has found the reason of feeling badly, has indicated its acute condition and tries to cope with the disease with the help of self-regulatory systems, not suppressive therapy. That is why your doctor asks you to make detailed notes of what is going on with you, and tries not to interfere with anything, because your organism is aware of the way of getting rid of the disease and does no harm to itself.
Let us try to analyze what symptoms every stage of a disease has.

Presuming that you are on the first stage of a disease, we see skin itching which has appeared not long ago or you have been treating it with an ointment for several years, but can not “cure” it. More detailed questions do not reveal any other violations. In this case first of all you should observe how your organism tries to get rid of toxic products without outer interfering. As a rule, an organism copes with the problem. At the first stage you may take a remedy only if the process lasts for a long time.

Let us consider the second variant. Mucous membrane’s secretion, frequent snivels, cough, diarrhea, eyes’ secretion, genital secretion disturb you. It means that your organism is on the second stage tries to get rid of toxins through the mucous membrane. (I will remind you that it may be either bacterium, viruses, products or toxic admixtures, medicines, pollen.) In such cases we do not always prescribe a remedy: the problem may be in you interfering with a natural process of recovering. At this stage you take a constitutional remedy only if the process lasts for a long time. For example, it is hard for you to breathe through the nose, but there are no snivels, or you feel sick, but do not have diarrhea or vomit, or you cough without secretions. We will use your constitutional remedy to help your organism to get rid of the toxins.
I will explain one more time that it is absolutely not important what a horrible name your enemy has: wormwood pollen or chlamydiae. Your organism is powerful enough to get rid of it. Any complications are the result of the suppression of different symptoms of a disease and moving it to the stage of inflammation, or taking too many toxic medicines.

I understand your fear: “Is my organism strong enough to fight the infection?”. There is only one example of the strength of our defensive organs. Each doctor, when he does X-rays, sees a lot of patients with petrification foci in the lungs – the symptoms of having been ill with tuberculosis, while the patient did not even guess about it. When the bacterium gets to an organism, it is stopped in lymphatic centers, they are “blocked” for ever. And the most peculiar thing is that we see such petrification foci in people who survived at the war. Hunger and cold, stress and unsanitary conditions did not prevent our grandfathers and grandmothers from coping with a tuberculosis bacterium by themselves. Nowadays our children can not cope even with a cold in spite of the non-stop process of treating. They can! But we must not interfere!

The third case: Your organism is on the stage of inflammations, on the third stage. It happens when your organism has already been at the stage of coping with a portion of toxins by trying to get rid of them and has to use more powerful means of defense: temperature rise, growth of lymphatic tissue and so on. Usually a constitutional remedy is taken once or even several times at the stage. It depends on the degree of the symptoms of intoxication (weakness, absence of appetite, breathing, heart-beating, consciousness), but not the temperature, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, eosinophils. For a homeopath the only thing matters: whether your organism copes or not. The temperature may be 37.2C and your general practitioner will not give you a sick-leave certificate, but you may have acute weakness, sickness, somnolence – a homeopath is sure to prescribe you a remedy, because your organism does not cope. Your child’s temperature may be 39C, but it plays in a usual way, eats well – in this case a homeopath waits with a constitutional remedy – a child may cope by itself.

I think that now you understand when you do not need any help while treating inflammations. As soon as mucous membrane expectorations intensify, more over, there are appearances of skin rash – you should wait. Do not “whip up” your organism – it will cope.

The forth stage is the stage of benign tumors. It is the last stage when your organism can localize a disease at some definite organ. The most dangerous thing now is to interfere with the process. Benign tumors are often located in hormonogenic organs and their appearance is necessary for keeping a definite hormone balance. For example, if for some reason there are too many hormones in the organism, then self-regulatory systems try to lessen the quantity of the tissue producing hormones and form a cyst. If there are too little hormones in the organism, then it has to extend the quantity of the tissue and a tumor is formed. At this stage an organism tries to heal itself. It does it through the inflammation and it is unacceptable for the traditional medicine. It offers you to exterminate the tumor with the help of hormones or an operation. And the organism is deprived of the last chance to improve its health. This is the rudest interference with the mechanisms of self-regulation, which the organism can not restore and it goes to the fifth stage. The symptom of being at this stage is a constant taking of medicines. Mechanisms of self-regulation have been so ruinously destroyed, that a person has to use medicines constantly to substitute what has been suppressed. Metabolic diseases are in progress and a patient does tests constantly and takes either hormones or vitamins or minerals for cholesterol or for the immunity and so on and so forth. But the paradox is in the following – if some “index” is on the high or low level, it means that metabolism is destroyed and any substance taken as a medicine will not improve the process, but will ruin it even stronger.
In my opinion the most horrible thing is that the majority of our population finds itself out at the fifth stage very quickly. The main reason is the rude interference with self-regulatory systems from the very birth. More and more often we see situations when grandchildren are on more difficult stages of a disease than their grandmothers.

Naturally, that the main part of homeopathic patients is people to whom allopathic doctors “can not help”. What has a homeopath to do to help such a patient? All the same – to choose the right constitutional remedy and explain that if an organism still can restore the functioning of self-regulatory systems – it has to go over very slowly through the stage of tumors and inflammations to its health and there is no any other way. The most difficult thing for a homeopath at this stage is to choose a constitutional remedy, because a patient takes so many medicines that symptoms of a disease are not clear. That is why symptoms of previous diseases are necessary. The sign of moving to the health is that you can lessen the quantity of medicines and as a result – live without any medicines.