5. Constitutional type concept

Constitutional type is an inherited (maternally, as a rule) disposition to suffer from a certain disease in a certain manner. Only our constitution defines which organ or system will react to one or another factor: say, one and the same feet cooling will lead one person to cystitis, the second- to arthritis, and the third - to otitis. One and the same “chocolate allergy” will lead one person to nasal discharge, the second – to intestine discharge, the third – to bronchi discharge.

Only our constitution defines which organ will be disturbed first of all. Exactly why in one families all die “of heart”, in some – “of stomach”, in other – “of kidneys”.

Constitution may be strong or weak. The strong constitution cannot be easily suppressed. The clinical sign of a person having the strong constitution is being at each stage for a long while. Despite all your efforts you have been smearing the skin for years on end, but the eruptions appear over and over again or get stronger. Or you have been nursing your running nose but it comes again. Or you send the temperature down, but it rises again. You excise a tumor, but the new one grows. Even being at the fifth stage, such a person with the strong constitution will have 3 heart attacks, then an apoplectic attack but succumb after all to cancer, for instance.

The weak constitution means that your body quickly suppresses a hazard. Such an organism will come through all the stages very quickly: once you smear your cheeks and get a running nose, once you give “a cough mixture” and get an obstructive syndrome.