18. Why some of the homeopaths match the remedies with the help of special instruments

Matching method of a homeopathic remedy is described in details by the classics of homeopathy:
In short it can be described as:

This task is very laborious, requires a lot of knowledge and experience from a homeopath. That is why some of practitioners try to facilitate the task, using certain instruments. I am not going to touch upon negative moments of such a “matching”, but I am telling you once more that there is “a classical heritage” of our great teachers and a doctor, calling himself a homeopath, has everything to get good results in his practice. The more difficulties he faces while matching the remedy during the first years of his practice the faster he makes a good homeopath. A seeming facilitation of his work with the help of new-fashioned technical devices is the” way to nowhere” and very often has a promotional character.

Computer programs is the different thing. These programs contain an index of symptoms, which helps a homeopath to find your symptoms just more quickly. But no program can be a substitution for the brains of a homeopath. The computer cannot “match” the remedy for you, as some unfair homeopaths tell with an advertising purpose. It just shows the symptoms which your doctor considers important. Whether your doctor is wrong or not can be seen from the results of your treatment.