16. Complex homeopathic remedies

Very often our patients ask the following question:  if a remedy in homeopathy is individually matched, so why in the pharmacies we can see a lot of complex remedies, offered by the advertisement and the pharmacists according to the one and the same principles as in allopathy – for obesity, for heartquake, for climax, etc.
It is necessary to be very cautious and make the difference between homeopathy as a part of medicine and as a pharmaceutical business.

I am telling once more that a remedy can be considered homeopathic if it conformed to the following conditions:

Modern complex remedies do not meet the basic requirement- there is no pathogenesis for them, recorded according to the laws of homeopathy, therefore they cannot be prescribed according to the similarity law and cannot be actually called homeopathic. Until a pathogenesis is recorded, i.e. proving tests are done according to the homeopathic laws, none of the remedy can be called homeopathic, no matter what kind of a cocktail of familiar and known homeopathic remedies it can be.

At present only one German company has got the pathogeneses for their complex remedies.

What can you expect after a  complex remedy taking: